The WiRa Home Track is Ready to Race!

The WiRa Home Track is Ready to Race! At the start of 2020 we had big plans to launch our remote racing league... Who would have known that at the very same time the entire world would be hit by a catastrophic pandemic causing crippling lock-downs; resulting in a halt to our Roadmap.


AJ Cannot fail - it's impossible!

It was 2016 when I first met AJ: between the engine screams and nitro fumes at the NEO Buggy '16 stood an up-and-coming young lyrical genius who had both the energy and charisma to go head-to-head with the legendary Nick Daman on the mic (I didn't even think this was possible).

We hit it ...

WiRa Kicks Off The Evolution Of Gaming

Wireless Racer is kicking off to present to you the future of gaming!

We have developed the power to have physical control of a gaming unit through software and a data connection.

In your hands we integrate a digital presence within a physical body: for the birth of an evolutio ...

RC Racers: Stuart Cartwright

Meet Stuart Cartwright.

Although he's known primarily as a professional golf coach, Stuart also has another type of Buggy that's a big part of his life - an RC buggy!

Originally racing as a child, his passion returned 4 years ago when he picked up a controller and began hitti ...

Spencer Peacock @ Santa Pod / Formula G 19!

Our Formula G race partners at Spencer Peacock Racing have had an amazing set of results over at Santa Pod Raceway in the UK last weekend, on the 19th October 2019.

Spencer's Mazda XRP beast performed some amazing stunts which pulled him in an overall impressive 6th position out of 23 in ...

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