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RC Racers: Stuart Cartwright

Meet Stuart Cartwright.

Although he's known primarily as a professional golf coach, Stuart also has another type of Buggy that's a big part of his life - an RC buggy!

Originally racing as a child, his passion returned 4 years ago when he picked up a controller and began hitting the tracks once again. Now he's affiliated with X-ray, Trinity and Ulti Tyres, he once again has the drive to bring home some serious results.

Focusing mainly on Buggy racing, Stuart drives the 'X-ray X12 20' and 'X-ray XB2C 19' - the former chosen as the best car he's ever driven: "X-ray X12 20 car - the quality is better than anything I've experienced so far and the performance of the car matches", he says.

The most memorable moment in Stuart's racing career (thus far) has been "going to the New York Grand Prix", which is a fair distance from his home track at West Kent! Out of all Stuart's journeys however, he tells us that the most impressive track he has visited ...

SC unwraps his new X-ray X12

... is the 'Hudy Arena' in Slovakia.

Overall Stuart considers RC Racing to be a hobby, however his determination to get a few more trophies in the cabinet extends to focusing on winning a National LMP stock A final.

We managed to sneak an extra moment of his time and ask what advice he would give to an outsider / newcomer who is interested in getting involved in Scale Car Racing (what would they have to do and how much would it cost them to start):

"Buy a reputable brand like X-ray, Schumacher or Roche and lean on the team of drivers to get the best setup. Assess how competitive you want to be and make sure you have a budget to match that desire. From then find one or two guys at your local club to help you daily, weekly in the early days and then get to the track and run the car. Keep on top of the maintenance and stick to a base setup and don't keep changing. Drive the car, get used to it for at least six months." ...


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